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Alicia Tung,现任卓越职场研究所大中华区首席营运官




Alicia还曾担任贝尔宾团队角色顾问, 擅长人才发展与战略会议,曾为美商会、宜家、赛诺菲、福维克等机构服务。她还担任项目经理,致力于将新资源应用到客户服务中,例如,帮助线上旅行社赞那度建立线下旗舰店,将虚拟现实设备应用到服务流程中,改善客户体验。


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Alicia Tung is COO at Great Place to Work, Greater China. 

She was also Director, Human Resources, China for Radisson Hotel Group. As a strategic business partner working closely with C-suites, Alicia was a member of a global rebranding team, leading post-acquisition re-organization and culture reformation across 3 continents through a complex change management process. As HR Director, China for luxury retail/fashion brand management company ImagineX, an affiliate of Lane Crawford Joyce Group, Alicia headed a matrix HR team spread in 5 offices (>50), guided the manpower strategies for 1300 employees over 11 brands. In a variety of HR/Training leadership positions in Hyatt Hotel Corporation from 1996 to 2013, Alicia participated in 8 flagship projects, including Grand Hyatt, Park Hyatt, Hyatt Regency and Andaz, and successfully opened 6 new hotels in China.

As a Belbin Team Roles Consultant, Alicia specialized in Talent Development and Strategy Meetings, Alicia has provided her service to AmCham, IKEA, Sanofi, Vorwerk, etc. She also performed as a Project Leader specialized in applying new resources into customer service, eg. helped Zanadu, an on-line travel agency to set up an offline flagship store and applied VR facilities into the service flow for a better guest experience.

Alicia holds a Global Executive MBA of INSEAD*. She has many years of market practices and solid academic background. Alicia is strong in both strategies and execution.

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