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Vice President, General Manager, Digital

The Walt Disney Company, China

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同时,她还是华特迪士尼中国“迪爱”委员会(Diversity & Inclusion Committee)的负责人,负责在大中华地区推进公司在包容性和多样性方面的发展。

在加入数娱部门前, 她担任华特迪士尼(中国)有限公司消费品部授权业务,出版物授权许可,零售及市场推广副总裁,负责制定战略并拓展新商机,同时带领团队实现迪士尼授权业务和面向消费者业务的增长。





支持Ladies Who Tech的理由:

在迪士尼,多元与包容是我们企业价值之一,我们的企业文化无处不透露着这一特点。我们包容和欢迎不同的背景、经历、看法和观点。我们不仅仅能在故事和电影中发现女性榜样,在我们的身边也围绕着无数这样的游戏女性。Ladies Who Tech 是展现女性力量的绝佳平台。

Diversity & Inclusion is not something we do, it is who we are.

Angela Wang has been appointed Vice President and General Manager, Digital, China and is charged with leading the ongoing trajectory to serve digital consumers across Digital DMD, Digital Learning & Publishing and Digital Content Service. 

Angela is also leading the Diversity & Inclusion Committee of Walt Disney Company in Greater China to promote the development of diversity and inclusion of the company. 

Prior to that, Angela was Vice President and General Manager, Licensing, Publishing, Retail, Sales & Marketing, Disney Consumer Products with an excellent track record developing new business opportunities, as well as, leading the team to grow its licensing and consumer facing business.

In 2010, Ms. Wang joined Disney as an Executive Director to manage the Home licensing business. In Mid-2014 she expanded her role to also include FHBP and Stationery. In 2016, Angela was appointed to take in charge of the Digital DMD, Digital Learning & Publishing and Digital Content Service business.  The performance of these business units had a rapid growth under her leadership in the past years.

Prior to joining Disney, Ms. Wang was Director, Marketing Management at Philips (China) for 5 years, where she led the overall brand building of the kitchen appliance business in Greater China. 

In 2000, she was the assistant trade Marketing Manager at Shanghai Siemens Mobile Communications where she was charged with improving Siemens brand image in the market through various public relations and trade marketing campaigns. She also held various other marketing and sales roles at Motorola (China) and China Exports Bases Development Zhejiang Corporation.

Ms. Wang received a bachelor's degree in business management from Zhejiang University in Hangzhou, China and an MBA from The University of Nottingham in the United Kingdom.

Why Support Ladies Who Tech:
At Disney, Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) is part of our company's values, our culture and something we have always been defined by. We are very inclusive of different backgrounds, experiences, perspectives and points of views. Ladies Who Tech is one of the great examples to demonstrate the female power. Not only will you find women empowering characters in our stories and movies, you'll also find yourself surrounded by a great many inspiring women role models in the company.

Diversity & Inclusion is not something we do, it is who we are.

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