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赵博文是LVMH集团家族办公室资产管理人(全球唯一亚裔雇员),比利时主权基金亚洲副首席代表,海航集团副总裁,黄浦江资本的共同创始人;其管理资产规模200亿美元,投资的公司近30余家上市,持股公司包括Uber,Airbnb、Wework、Flexport、 Farfetch、Grail、腾讯音乐、分众传媒、一兆韦德、Class Pass、超级猩猩等。

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Lean in 向前一步。

Angela is LVMH Group Family Office Asset Manager (the only Asian employee in the world), Deputy Chief Representative of Belgium Sovereign Fund of Asia, Vice President of Haihang Group, and co-founder of Huangpu River Capital. She manages US$20 billion in assets, investing in more than 30 companies with successful IPO's, such as Uber, Airbnb, Wework, Flexport, Farfetch, Grail, Tencent Music, Focus Media, Tera Wellness, Class Pass, SuperMonkey, etc.

Why support Ladies Who Tech:

I hope to help more women to find their own potentials and explore more new opportunities in their lives.


Lean in.

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