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AUGmentecture AR 平台

AUGmentecture Augmented Reality Platform

AUGmentecture是一个为AEC行业设计的增强现实平台,他拥有在增强现实垂直的专利技术。它适用于.fbx文件格式,主要与Autodesk Revit软件一起使用,不过在Skeptup, 3DMax,Maya等其他软件上创建的任何3D模型,转换成.fbx格式后均可在AUGmentecture平台上用AR的方式进行查看。


AUGmentecture is an augmented reality platform designed for the AEC industry with patent-pending SaaS technology in the augmented reality vertical. It works with the .fbx file format and primarily with Autodesk Revit, although any 3D model created with other software like Sketchup, 3DMax or Maya and converted to the .fbx format can be viewed in AR on the platform.

AUGmentecture is a marker-based AR platform that uses a QR code to identify the model and a marker, usually the blueprint of the model being viewed, to position and scale the model for viewing.

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