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Tech Artist at Mokai Technologies

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Ayan Azimkulov是在上海魔铠UE4工作的技术艺术家。 UE4是一套完整的开发工具,它适用于任何人来使用实时技术。这些技术包括了从企业应用程序到PC、移动电话、VR和AR上的高质量游戏。

Ayan致力于将NVIDIA GAMEWORKS技术集成并适应于UE4的现有内容创建工作流程,她的工作包括提供教程、培训和维护定制UE4引擎的本地git存储库。

Ayan Azimkulov is the Technical Artist that works on UE4 at Mokai Technologies. UE4 is a complete suite of development tools made for anyone to work with real-time technology, varying from enterprise applications to high-quality games across PC, mobile, VR and AR.

Ayan works on integrating and adapting NVIDIA GAMEWORKS technologies to an existing content creation workflow for UE4, including providing tutorials, training and maintaining the local git repository of customized UE4 engine.

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