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Head of Product Management 资深产品经理

Department of Dynamic Product Ads, Baidu Inc. 百度动态广告产品部

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支持Ladies Who Tech的理由:

作为STEM行业的专家,Bowen看到了许多杰出女性在这个领域的巨大贡献。Ladies Who Tech对于想加入科技行业并在此探索未来的女性提供了一个极佳平台。


Think big, and get right things done.

Bowen is an executive with over 15 years’ experience in high-tech companies. She is enthusiastic in consumer-centric and data-driven solutions, solving business problems through technological innovation, combining science and art.

Why support Ladies Who Tech:

As a professional in STEM, Bowen sees many creative women dedicate themselves in this area. LWT is a good platform for ladies who want to join in the tech world and explore the future.


Think big, and get right things done.

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