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过晓茜女士是特赞信息科技联合创始人及首席营销官。2014年,她被世界经济论坛任命为全球杰出青年,2017年成为Global Shaper Shanghai II Hub Curator,并在同年进入2017福布斯中国科技行业30位30岁以下精英榜。


2017年过晓茜女士受邀参加冬季达沃斯论坛并接受BBC采访。2016年在夏季达沃斯论坛上她分享了对中国千禧一代的观点。作为文化产业的领导者,她受邀参加2017文化峰会,2017 Horasis 全球会议,福布斯亚洲30岁以下精英,福布斯波士顿30岁以下精英等大会。




支持Ladies Who Tech的理由:




Be the happy version of yourself in life and career.

Daisy (Xiaoqian) Guo, Co-founder & CMO of She was named a Global Shaper by World Economic Forum in 2014 and the curator of Global Shapers Community Shanghai II Hub in 2017. She was also awarded 2017 “Forbes 30 under 30 Asia, Enterprise Technology”.

In the year 2017, she was invited to the Winter Davos and interviewed by BBC. She joined the 2016 Summer Davos and shared her insights about Chinese Millennials. As a culture leader, Daisy was invited to join the 2017 Culture Summit, 2017 Horasis Global Meeting, Forbes Under 30 Asia, Forbes Under 30 Boston etc.

Prior to founding, she was the project manager of window display design for the NYC Empire State Building in 2014. She was a part of the curating team for the Chinese pavilion at Venice Biennale 2012 and she has enriched experience in curating art events in many different countries like America, Spain, and Italy. Daisy holds a Bachelor of Landscape Architecture from Central Academy of Fine Arts in China.

Why support Ladies Who Tech:

To tell more women that technology is one of the main forces to bring changes. Women should join and be the force.


Be the happy version of yourself in life and career.

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