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Senior Manager

ASML China

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师江柳博士现就职于阿斯麦中国, 在客户服务部担任高级应用经理。中国微电子产业近年来飞速发展,阿斯麦的业务也随之飞速发展。她负责组建扩张全国应用支持团队, 以更好地服务本地先进微电子生产企业。在此之前,师博士在应用材料工作,她领导PDC事业部中国分部,以及业务拓展部门。她培养了一只优秀的团队,开拓了新的业务,取得了多个新产品在多个客户端的采用。作为一个全面的光刻技术专家,师博士曾经在阿斯麦荷兰总部工作,涉及微电子生产主要的应用,如DRAM、3D-NAND、Logic等。她在微电子行业,有诸多团队培养、组织建设、战略制定、业务开发的成功经验。

支持Ladies Who Tech的理由:

事实上,我是受到了Ladies Who Tech高尚使命的鼓舞——鼓励女生和女士发现她们的潜能,追求STEM领域的职业生涯。我决定借此机会来分享我是怎样享受我的STEM经历,并在一个又一个的挑战中成长起来。STEM领域性别鸿沟巨大,这是事实。想要探索该领域女士们可能需要调整好心态。


A meaningful life is a continuous growth through understanding yourself better and better.

Elly is a senior manager heading the Application team in ASML China since 2017. Her responsibilities include setting up and managing customer support country organization and structures to support all advanced semiconductor manufacturing customers, growing through the tide of IC wave in recent years. Prior to this, she has led PDC unit in Applied Materials China, then business development of patterning metrology team. The team has been successfully developed to achieve multiple breakthrough in new products penetrations and adoptions cross all applications. Before Applied, she worked at ASML, Netherlands, as a technical expert in holistic lithography at all key applications areas, i.e., DRAM, 3D NAND, and Logic. She received a Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering from Tianjin University. She has a track record of setting up and developing teams, solving complex organizational problems to achieve business goals, set up strategy as well as execution of product penetration and adoptions in advanced applications.

Why support Ladies Who Tech:

Actually I got inspired by the noble mission of Ladies Who Tech, encouraging girls and ladies to discover their potentials and pursue careers in STEM industries, I've decided to take this opportunity to share how I have enjoyed my STEM experiences and grown through challenges one over another. It is a fact that there is a big gender gap in STEM industries. There may also be a need for mindset change for ladies who like to explore opportunities in this area.


A meaningful life is a continuous growth through understanding yourself better and better.

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