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Co-founder at 8XP

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Faith Teo是8XP联合创始人兼产品总监,8XP是一个为品牌提供快速进入中国市场可选择方案的零售平台。Faith是一个久经考验的科技企业家。高中毕业后,Faith将时间和精力都投入到了学习重要的创业课程中:要想成功,你需要拥有梦想,执行力和资源。她的说法是否很合理?“如果你不采取行动,你的梦想将永远只是一个梦想。”

Faith Teo is the co-founder and product director of 8XP. 8XP is a retail platform that provides the brand with quick access to the Chinese market. Faith is a proven tech entrepreneur. After high school, Faith puts time and energy into learning important entrepreneurship courses: to be successful, you need to have dreams, executive power and resources. Is her statement reasonable? "If you don't act, your dream will always be just a dream."

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