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Partner Director of Cloud + AI


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梁戈碧女士现任微软中国云计算与人工智能资深合伙人、高级工程总监。她目前正带领一支横跨中国,印度与美国的专业团队定义并开发孵化在微软智能云Azure上的区块链服务,引领微软在区块链领域的领导地位。此前梁戈碧女士一手创建中国云计算创新中心(China Cloud Innovation Center, CCIC)。CCIC研发团队主要负责微软智能云Azure在中国的创新研究工作,致力于研发和推进包括开源框架和技术在内的、针对本地客户特殊需要的Azure云服务技术和方案,并负责此类服务在微软智能云Azure 上的部署和应用,为微软Azure在国内的发展起了技术顶梁柱的作用。


支持Ladies Who Tech的理由:

我是一位从事科技行业20多年的女士。我想接触和帮助科技女性和对技术领域感兴趣女性,并得到她们的支持。Ladies Who Tech是我实现这些目标的绝佳平台。


Be the change you wish to see.

Gebi Liang is the Partner Director of Cloud + AI. She is currently leading and growing a team consisting of professionals across China, India and US to define and develop Blockchain service on Microsoft's public cloud Azure platform to continue Microsoft's leadership in blockchain technology space. Prior to this, she established the China Cloud Innovation Center (CCIC) and has led CCIC to deliver Microsoft Azure innovation to address the unique needs from China local customers including successfully launching and running multiple cloud services. Her contribution in leading CCIC has played a key technical role in establishing and growing Azure business in the geo.

Prior to joining Microsoft, Gebi was a 15-year veteran of Intel and held several key technical and leadership roles in the US & China.

Gebi holds a master's degree in Computer Science from College of William and Mary.

Why support Ladies Who Tech:

I am a lady who has been in tech industry for 20+ years. I'd like to help, connect with, and get support from ladies who are or are interested in the technology area. Ladies Who Tech is great platform for me to accomplish all that.


Be the change you wish to see.

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