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Senior Engineering Manager, Head of Shanghai EDS Team

PayPal Enterprise Data Services Group

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Grace是PayPal企业数据服务集团的高级工程经理,上海EDS 团队负责人,主要负责分析数据解决方案和服务。利用超前的大数据和人工智能科技,她的团队正在通过各种数据驱动的业务领域支持国际电子支付服务,包括风险管理、客户服务和企业合规。在加入PayPal之前,她主要负责复星集团数据解决方案。在这之前,她在Intel带领工程团队关注大数据技术的发展和优化。她的团队与多家中国顶尖互联网公司合作以促进开放资源技术的使用和性能的提高。Grace本科毕业于上海交通大学,拥有上海交通大学硕士学位,在大数据行业已有超过十年的工程师经验。她是Hadoop、Spark、HBase性能调优和优化方面精通的开源贡献者,是PMC 的Apache Project Chukwa and Alluxio的成员之一。Grace是国内外大数据活动的演讲者。

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Grace Huang is currently a Senior Engineering Manager in PayPal Enterprise Data Services Group, Head of Shanghai EDS team, responsible for analytical data solution and services. By leveraging the advanced big data and AI technology, her teams are enabling international e-payment services thru various data-driven business domains, including risk management, customer services and enterprise compliance. Before joining in PayPal, she was leading big data solution for Fosun Group. Prior to that, she led engineering team in Intel, focusing on big data technology enhancement and optimizations. Her team partnered with several top internet companies in China to boost the adoptions of open source technologies with significant performance improvements. After getting her bachelor and master degrees from Shanghai Jiaotong University, Grace has 10+ years’engineering experiences in big data industry. She was also the open source contributor with proficient knowledge in Hadoop, Spark, HBase performance tuning and optimization, who was one of the committers and PMC members for Apache Project Chukwa and Alluxio. She was the speakers for several top big data events both domestic and abroad.

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