gre3n的narm hom椰子生长在Samut Songkhram精选有机农场中。Samut Songkhram被誉为椰子的天堂,我们也坚持在椰子最具营养、气味最佳、口感最好的时候收割椰子。 gre3n相信,真正的快乐源于生活中的平衡,源于我们忠于自己的内心,源于我们找准了自己的目标。

* 平衡性
* 有信仰
* 差异化


gre3n coveted narm hom coconuts grow in select organic farms in Samut Songkhram, a pristine coconut paradise, and are always harvested at the perfect moment for peak nutrition, aroma and taste. 

We believe true happiness comes from living balanced lifestyles, staying true to ourselves and finding our purpose. 
gre3n's 3 represents 3 B's: 
* Balance
* Believe
* Be different

Our philosophy motivates our every step. We facilitate balance in busy lifestyles.
We differentiate through our carefully curated in-house designs and product personalities. We believe in our own dreams and, more importantly, in yours.

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