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Hope 是比特币和区块链技术的传播者和拥护者,并在2016年就开始接触Crypto领域。目前他是ATN.io的的总监,也是游戏和广告领域区块链运用的项目顾问。ATN.io是一家基于区块链技术上午人工智能服务平台。在这之前,Hope任职于上海最早的基于区块链技术的初创企业-BitNexo和中国最早的比特币交易公司-BTCC。Hope拥有加拿大和中国不同产业关于研究、市场和管理的经验,也热衷于建立两国之间的文化联系。


支持Ladies Who Tech的理由:



Live and let live.

Hope Fan is a bitcoin evangelist and blockchain advocate who first got into the crypto space in 2016. Hope is currently the director of, an artificial intelligence as a service (AIaaS) platform built on the blockchain, as well as an advisor for two new blockchain projects related to gaming and advertising. Hope had previously worked with BitNexo, one of the earliest blockchain-based startups in Shanghai, as well as BTCC, the first-ever bitcoin exchange in China. Hope has several years of research, marketing, and entrepreneurship experience across various industries in both Canada and China, and is passionate about bridging relationships across cultures.


Hope spent most of his life in Canada but currently enjoys calling Shanghai home, and can be found playing (European) football or enjoying the vibrant city life in his spare time.


Why Support LWT:

We currently live in the greatest time in history, where information is readily available and nowhere is too far away. Tech is changing our society completely and the robots are coming – everyone should embrace this tech revolution or risk being left behind. Traditionally males have dominated the STEM fields but now with all the information and resources available, tech should be an open playing field for everyone, as long as you take an interest in it. Ladies Who Tech does a wonderful job bringing this interest and motivation to the ladies here in Shanghai, and I really respect and support what they are doing.



Live and let live.

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