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Ivy Xie 在全球估值最高的科技地产公司WeWork中担任资深产品经理,负责开发WeWork GO——微信小程序,按时自助计费的联合办公空间服务;Community App,一个基于联合办公服务升级目标的社交APP,旨在构建社区化白领。



Ivy持有法国北方高等商学院的市场营销硕士学位,擅长压力环境下的跨部门沟通;具备Scrum项目管理能力,领导Squad团队,管理30人+ 的团队;善于依据市场状况、财务数字和组织行为方式制定产品的增长策略。

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Ivy Xie is Senior Product Manager at WeWork, the highest valued technology real estate company in the world. Ivy led the development of WeWork GO, a WeChat mini program, providing a time-based autonomous billing service for shared offices, and Community App, a social APP for white-collar community, aiming at upgrading the service of shared offices.

Ivy previously worked as Senior Product Manager at Chinese Business Network, SMG, responsible for content ecology of CBN App.

In 2014, Ivy co-founded Carmon Cross-Border Ecommerce Project, acquired a RMB2-million angel investment, expanded the team from 5 to 34, and was bought out in 2016.

With a Masters Degree in Marketing from EDHEC Business School, Ivy exceled in cross-departmental communication, in Scrum project management leading Squad teams of over 30 employees, and in developing product growth strategies based on market insights, financial data, and organizational behaviors.

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A diversified working environment encourages talent innovation.

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