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Cyrcadia Asia

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支持Ladies Who Tech的理由:



Choices are everywhere.  Pay attention!

Kelli's goal is to educate both women and men that a high percentage of the female population has dense breast tissue, which can lead to missed, delayed, or late stage diagnosis of breast cancer. Breast density increases a women's risk for early onset of cancer, and highly challenges the effectiveness of "gold standard" screening systems.

Population healthcare is her vision. Kelli is passionate about assimilating technology into daily routine while saving lives through breast health awareness. As Women's Health Liaison, she will facilitate the connection between women and their health care providers to ensure personal breast health screening as an absolute priority. Through her efforts, she will engage top medical and women's impact leaders to educate women on both the "Why" and the "How" to take control of their own breast health. Once personalized breast health screening becomes a top priority in Asia, Cyrcadia will facilitate early detection worldwide, optimally saving thousands of lives.

Kelli brings over a decade of clinical relations and business experience to Cyrcadia including founding and growing her own businesses in the US. She earned her degree in Speech Pathology from The University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee.

As breast cancer affects up to one in every eight women in the world, a family history is the norm. Kelli's family, unfortunately, is no exception. It became personal, she is taking action.

Why Support Ladies Who Tech:

I find Ladies Who Tech to be a stimulating platform, inspired by, yet not limited to gender equality.  I am proud to be part of this agenda.


Choices are everywhere.  Pay attention!

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