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Senior Engineer & Chief Radar Officer

China Electronics Technology Group Corporation

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尹奎英,高级工程师,江苏省“333工程”培养对象,人-脑-肌三体雷达总师(跨生命科学与信息科学的交叉融合)。她提出了利用脑波进行雷达图像解译,主持研发14所“灵犀手”。由于其重大的意义和突出的科研成果,“灵犀手”已经进入首批军民融合示范应用。作为项目负责人,尹奎英获批5项国家科学基金资助;2项博士后基金资助;1项国防科工局技改项目;共发表科技论文50余篇,译著1本;为2015 年中国“熠星大赛”第1名。

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Kuiying Yin, senior engineer, training object of "333 Project" in Jiangsu Province, and chief radar engineer of human-brain-muscle trisomy, cross-fusion of life science and information science, proposed using brain waves to interpret radar images, and led the research and development of 14 rhinoceros at CETC. Because of its great significance and outstanding scientific research achievements, they have entered the first batch of demonstration applications of civil-military integration.

She has received five National Science Funds, two Post-doctoral Funds, one National Defense Science and Technology Bureau Technology Reform Project, published more than 50 scientific papers and 1 translated book, and ranked No. 1 in China's "Brilliant Star Competition" in 2015.

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I wish all of the girls to be the best of themselves and have a better future.



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