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Ladies Who Tech in Action x XNODE

9月20日Ladies Who Tech 企业行动第三次活动我们又回到了XNODE众创空间。每一次谈到科技和创新,第一个激动的蹦出来的一定是XNODE的CEO周炜和他的小伙伴们。每一次的场地支持,资源搭建,人脉介绍始终会抢在前面不遗余力的为我们安排。

20th September, we held the third "Ladies Who Tech in Action" back at XNODE, our long term supporter and partner. Every time when we discuss about innovation and technology, the CEO of XNODE, Wei Zhou, and his colleagues are always the first to stand up and give us a hand.

同样的作为从一开始就支持并参与到Ladies Who Tech行动中来的美国麻省大学阿默斯特分校也再次回归并和我们分享了他们所看到的中国科技教育的现状以及支持女性科技教育的决心。同时UMASS会为Ladies Who Tech有兴趣参与她们明年项目的女学生们提供全额或者部分奖学金,来鼓励更多的女性来学习科技和工程学。

Another long term sponsor and education partner, UMASS, also returned to Ladies Who Tech and updated us on the latest technology and engineering scene in China and what they have achieved in the past 6 months. UMASS offered potential full and partial scholarships to the Ladies Who Tech community as an action to support women in computer science and engineering studies.

既然Charlene是Steve Jobs的超级粉丝,自然会对他的自传耳熟能详。自传里有提到现任苹果集团的CEO Tim Cook在每一次演讲之前都会吃一条能量棒。所以这次加州中心也为每一位带来了yummysanck能量棒,也为我们每一位Ladies Who Tech的出场提供满满的能量!

Charlene has mentioned many times in the biography of Steve Jobs (she's a fan) by Walter Isaacson that all Tim Cook eats are energy bars. So, Califorina Center has offered everyone a delicious energy bar to make sure we are always 100% charged.

当晚我们有90多位科技女性和男士们参与了现场的活动。当晚我们邀请了GapTech大中华区和日本技术副总裁 Kristina Militante ,维多利亚的秘密大中华区技术副总裁Judy Zhu,以及Digitize2grow的创始人Veronique G.Boudaud为大家分享了她们各自的经历和职场经验。

An audience of approximately 90 women techies and HeforShe supporters filled the XNODE, eager to hear from the evening’s successful and inspiring speakers: Kristina Militante – VP, Information Technology at GapTech China and Japan, Judy Zhu – VP, Information Technology at Victoria's Secret Greater China and Veronique G. Boudaud – Founder, Digitize2grow.


While there was not enough time to answer the many questions from both women and men following the professional stories and industry insights shared by the leading ladies, there were no shortage of inspiring innuendos to take home.

Christy Ma

Director of Global Market Development, APAC at

University of Massachusetts

"I travelled over 50 countries, I see a lot of people who changed their lives through education. Ladies Who Tech on International Women's Day is also our launch event in China. People write to us to tell us how good the event was and we need to support and understand each other so we will continue to do this. We want women to innovate and succeed." - Christy Ma

我去了50多个国家旅游,见到了很多由于教育而改变人生的人。今年和Ladies Who Tech国际妇女节活动的合作也是美国麻省大学阿默斯特分校进入中国的第一次活动。很多参与活动的朋友们也跟我们反馈说希望多参加这样有意义的活动。所以我们需要互相支持用行动来支持。我们希望看到科技女性们可以创新和成功”。


Kristina Militante

VP, Information Technology at GapTech China and Japan


“My personal experiences are the stepping stones of who I am today. Words can either damage you or put you in a different place, so it's really up to you how to take words that people say to you, does it bring you up to a higher level, does it take you down.


There are four rules I live by to stop me from beating myself up: be impeccable with your word, don't take anything personally, don't make assumptions, always do your best.


Expect the unexpected because if you expect things you'll only gonna be disappointed.


The path to learning is to make a lot of mistakes. You have the opportunity to keep trying to get it right. Find the right fit for you. " - Kristina Militante






Judy Zhu

VP, Information Technology at Victoria's Secret Greater China


"There were only 5 women in my EE class, there were 35 guys. Thanks to my IT background, I found a job very quickly. I really admire those people who have passion in their lives, whether it is work or anything you do, you got to love what you do, because passion leads to success, if you don't like what you're doing, find something you truly love, don't for the sake of making money, stick to a job you don't like. Be curious, be open-minded" - Judy Zhu




Veronique G. Boudaud – Founder, Digitize2grow


"My mom is alive, she's 89 years old, she uses Skype to communicate with me, technology runs in the family. Some of the values she force fed on my brother and me include: you learn to be very resilient, you never give up, you are loyal, your name is your brand and your honor.


Guiding a business starting or mature in its digital journey is my purpose, making it succeed is my reward and contribution to the digital transformation of the world." - Veronique G. Boudaud









If you missed last week's event, please scan below the live streaming Qcode or click " Read More" for the event live streaming replay!



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About Ladies Who Tech In Action 关于LWT企业行动系列

While many corporations are embracing diversity and inclusion in corporate policies, there is still a gender gap in STEM industries. Ladies Who Tech in Action series was established to bring companies and community together to engage in dialogue, foster new relationships, and further professional development to close this gap.

虽然很多的企业鼓励多元化并同时也在公司政策上实施,但是在STEM这些领域里,性别差距还是存在。Ladies Who Tech 企业行动系列就是希望可以把公司和STEM社群里的女性们连接起来,让他们之间沟通,促成新的关系成分以及专业上职业成长来缩小这个差距。

Focus of the series 系列关注的焦点:

  • Further the understanding of the trends and roles available in STEM industries


  • Explore the opportunities and challenges that companies face with fostering diversity and inclusion


  • Identify steps and action individuals need to take to develop their career in this direction


Each event will be hosted in collaboration with a corporation. There will be several speakers from diverse backgrounds (eg. software, hardware, startup, corporation, government, etc.) each giving an introduction of their journey in STEM, their inspiration, and their current STEM project(s).

每次的活动将会和企业合作并邀请多元化背景的演讲者(例如, 软件,硬件,创业公司,大企业,政府等)来分享他们在STEM领域里的经历以及目前他们所在从事的项目。

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