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Blockshine Technology

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她是 Blockshine Technology 博聚科技的创始人兼CEO。博聚科技是全球领先的区块链行业一站式服务及解决方案供应商。致力于区块链技术和应用开发,为科技项目开发、区块链应用开发提供整体解决方案与顾问咨询服务。凭借创新的科技手段、丰富的业内资源,为企业用户提供数据研究与分析服务,量身打造区块链/科技项目IP运营方案、品牌运营方案,最大化地提高商业价值和品牌影响力。

支持Ladies Who Tech的理由:

Ladies Who Tech是一个绝佳的平台,通过帮助女性发现她们的潜力,从而鼓励更多女性加入科技行业,并且提高了科技公司的多元化。



Layla Dong, Foundation Board Member of WEF Global Shapers Community. She has been contributing ideas and insights on the development of the community since 2013. She was the Curator of Global Shapers Dalian hub from 2014 to 2015.

Layla is the founder and CEO of Blockshine Technology, which is a leading provider of blockchain-related services and one-stop solutions. The company focuses on the development of blockchain technology by providing holistic solutions and consulting services towards blockchain projects, blockchain applications and cryptocurrency exchanges. Moreover, with rich industry resources, we offer data research and analysis to develop tailor-made IP, in addition to providing operation and brand management services, which will ultimately help them maximize their business value and brand influence.

Why support Ladies Who Tech:

LWT is a wonderful platform, which is encouraging more girls to assist and discover their potential in tech industries and help corporations to have more diversity.


Funding the future of Blockchain.

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