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Science Communicator, Data Scientist, and Mathematician

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Lily Serna是一位数学专家,对数学和科学教育充满了热爱。她对数字的热爱不仅带给她数学事业上的成功,而且使她成为一位广受欢迎的媒体人物和作家




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Be the change you seek.

Lily Serna is a math whiz with a passion for maths and science education. Her passion for numbers has led her to not just a highly successful career in maths, but also a sought-after media personality and author.

With a Bachelor of Mathematics and Finance and a Bachelor of International Studies from the University of Technology Sydney, she also holds a First Class Honours Degree in Mathematics with applications in Biology. Lily currently works as a professional mathematician at the Australian software company Atlassian.

Lily is best known for her media work on SBS's television gameshow program, "Letters and Numbers", as the show's resident numbers expert. Today she is also a regular television presenter on the ABC's flagship science documentary show "Catalyst". Other media work she has done includes a 6-part international podcast created by GE Australia titled "Decoding Genius" which investigated the lives of six young geniuses and a Travel Show on SBS. She's also the only professional mathematician to be featured in Australian Vogue.

With a passion for maths and science advocacy, Lily also currently sits on the Roundtable for the Australian Government's Women's Advisory Group as well as the Industry Advisory Group for the University of Technology, Sydney. She has previously spent 4 years on the Board of The Australian Mathematical Sciences Institute (AMSI).

Why support Ladies Who Tech:

Mathematics is a wonderfully rich subject that is woven into the very fabric of our society. It has and will continue to help us unlock the secrets of the universe. It's so important that we push past the common stereotypes about what it means to study and enjoy this subject so everyone has the same opportunity explore the subject free from limitations and help progress our collective knowledge.


Be the change you seek.

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