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Momo是DREP Foundation的联合创始人,中新创新联会的核心成员,金融科技专家。在获得新加坡南洋理工大学的硕士学位后,她在东方证券担任证券分析时并获得了金融科技研究的丰富经验。

支持Ladies Who Tech的理由:



Reputation Pays Off in DREP Economy.

Momo Chang, Co-founder of DREP Foundation, Core member of Sino-Singapore Innovation Alliance, Expert of FinTech. After received Master degree in Nanyang Technological University of Singapore, she worked as a securities analyst in Orient Securities and has gained rich experience in FinTech Research.

Why support Ladies Who Tech:

Ladies Who Tech acts as the incentive for women and sets solid foundation for status of women entrepreneurs. As a young female serial entrepreneur, I am faced with more suspicion, criticism, and even discrimination. Thus nowadays, we need the voice from Ladies Who Tech to strengthen the confidence for us to make a difference.


Reputation Pays Off in DREP Economy.

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