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Director of Engineering

Autodesk China Research and Development

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Don't sit on the sideline, 不做旁观者,勇敢做自己。

Nancy Li leads an R&D team of hundreds of engineers in Shanghai working on design and manufacturing related software products including desktop and cloud offerings.

She joined Autodesk in October 2003 as a software developer when China Development Center was initially set up. She was promoted to Software Development Manager in 2005. She has managed various R&D functional roles including development, testing, experience designerand product management. Nancy is passionate to provide the end to end solution for manufacturing industry with good user experience and high performance.

Prior to Autodesk, Nancy studied and worked in the United States for seven years. She has two master's degrees in mechanical engineering and computer science.

Why support Ladies Who Tech:

We should not underestimate our contributions and potentials in Tech.


Don't sit on the sideline, 不做旁观者,勇敢做自己。

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