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她认为,技术可以用来使学习更民主化,这样来自贫困背景的人也可以获得技能培训,从而为许多人带来更多工作机会。同时也可以解决中国面临的最大的社会挑战之一 – 老龄化。

Nayoung获得CPA 证书后在纽约开始了她的西方职业生涯。她是科罗拉多州丹佛大学的毕业生。从当时至今,她一直担任上海美国商会的创业委员会的联合主席。能够在上海工作和生活并追求自己的梦想,她感到非常幸运。

支持Ladies Who Tech的理由:



In the end, we only regret the chances we did not take.

Nayoung Mathiesen is a serial entrepreneur born and raised in S. Korea, with entrepreneurial and professional backgrounds from S. Korea, USA, Norway, Singapore before coming to Shanghai in 2014. She founded STIA (Skills Training Institute of Asia) Shanghai ( which is creating a portal site for the senior care (aged care) sector in China. STIA creates interactive and engaging digital content for training the sector workers; at the same time, it creates content for seniors and their family members to help them manage their health and stay independent longer.

She believes that technology can be used to democratize learning in China so that people who come from underprivileged background can also have access to skills training that can lead to a professional life for many. At the same time, they can solve one of the biggest social challenges facing China coming from the exploding elderly population.

Nayoung started her western career as a CPA in New York. She is a graduate of University of Denver in Colorado. While working on her business, she has also been co-chairing the Entrepreneurship Committee at AmCham Shanghai until recently. She feels extremely blessed to be able to work and live in Shanghai and pursue her dream venture.

Why support Ladies Who Tech:

During recent years, technology has been developing at a dizzy speed. Many companies are focusing on young and tech savvy consumer groups to monetize their technologies in various ways. However, I see a lot of areas, especially in a country like China, where there exists a big gap meaning that segments in the society are not quite benefiting from new technology. Who are better qualified to pinpoint such opportunities? It is women! Find and develop new use areas using women's intuition and empathy. Build your business and bring it to success using your nurturing mentality and savvy, multi-tasking skills. That is why I support LWT.


In the end, we only regret the chances we did not take.

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