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Chief Strategy Officer  首席策略官

OMD China  中国浩腾媒体

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林博弘是中国浩腾媒体的首席策略官。他在网络刚刚兴起的时代开始了职业生涯,并爱上了科技及创业精神,且将这份热情带到了DDB, BBDO, Wunderman和Saatchi等世界级的广告公司。



支持Ladies Who Tech的理由:

多样性不再是一种选择。它的两个要素(Ladies, Tech)应该是任何工作场所和领导团队的一部分。LWT将会证明多样化运动不只是一时的热度,而是在这里停留的一种力量,是一种值得思考的力量。


Creating the leaders of tomorrow.

Paul Lin is the Chief Strategy Officer for OMD China. Paul started his career during Dot Com, when the first wave of the Internet was the Wild West and nobody had a business model. He fell in love with technology & the start-up culture and carried that passion to world class Ad Agencies like DDB, BBDO, Wunderman and Saatchi.

Paul has worked across multiple categories and markets for some of the best brands in the world. He is passionate about the creative process, and specializes in crafting integrated solutions that solve client's business problems. When Paul is not working with clients, he's working with the Marketing and Tech community in China to help drive advocacy and policy. In his spare time, he is the "Chair" of the Marketing & Media Committee at the American Chamber of Commerce. In addition, he acts as a Mentor to a couple of Accelerator programs in Shanghai and works closely with start-ups and entrepreneur's to help guide them through the China business environment.

Paul's a leader, a collaborator, an advocate for great ideas. He's lived in the US and Canada, and now calls Shanghai home.

Why support Ladies Who Tech:

Diversity is no longer an option. It's the hygiene and hero factor that should be part of any workplace and leadership team. Ladies Who Tech is a springboard to demonstrate that this movement is not just a fad, but something that is here to stay and is a force to reckon with.


Creating the leaders of tomorrow.

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