05/2016, 入选拜耳G4A数字医疗孵化器

07/2016, 获得腾讯互联网加创业大赛华中华西去季军

10/2016, 入选迪拜100训练营

11/2016, 获得新进创投天使轮投资

01/2017, 与国内最大医生社区丁香园(DXY.CN)建立战略合作

至今, 产品已进入超过7家大型教学三甲医院

RayPlus is a SaaS platform for medical image analysis founded on cloud computation and artificial intelligence technology. Our mission is empowering better image-based medical decisions.

ØMile Stone

•05/2016, selected by G4A Innovative Healthcare Projects, Bayer

•07/2016, obtained third in Tencent Internet + entrepreneurship competition (central & west china division)

•10/2016, participated in Dubai 100 Bootcamp

•11/2016, received angel round from Newgen Venture Partners

•01/2017, started a long-term cooperation with DXY.CN

•By now, developed more than 7 teaching hospitals

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