Rebuild eyes(上海文淮网络科技有限公司)是一家基于于AI人工智能视觉识别领域的系统服务及方案提供商。通过拥有设计专利的智能辅助设备云瞳协助视障人群,走出家庭拥抱社会。给了无数视障患者,拥有了更多未来的可能性。在未来,Rebuild eyes还会继续为更多的人提供一系列的优质、便利、亲民的成熟方案及产品。

Rebuild eyes is a system service and solution supplier in the field of visual recognitionAI. Yuntong(云瞳 is video-equipped smart glasses, a smartphone app and one-button access to a network of trained friends or professional staff. You get immediate assistance for almost anything you want to do without a sighted person nearby. It is like having vision in your pocket.

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