Rela 热拉,全球领先的多元女性社区。旨在全球范围内打造多元化女性社区(Rela热拉 App),创造女性泛娱乐内容和投资新女性生活方式品牌,帮助女性连接彼此,连接美好,提升和实现自我价值。目前已拥有超过1200万注册用户。

2016年入选Google for entrepreneur团队(中国首个),同年获得上海市政府创新创业特等奖、首届粉红经济创新创业大赛冠军【最具投资价值奖】、Mars创新创业大赛年度季军。2017年完成数千万人民币B轮融资,由国际顶级风投注资,估值数亿。

Rela is the world’s leading diversity woman community with 12 million users. We are a social app for women only, aim to create a social planet to provide female-oriented content, help women bonding with each other, and pursue self-achievement.

Mile Stone:

· 2016  First Chinese team in Google Blackbox Connect

· 2016  Shanghai GovernmentInnovation Entrepreneurship Award

· 2016  Champagne of 2016 ‘Pink Economy’ Innovation and Entrepreneurship Contest Most Investment Value Award

· 2016  Bronze of 2016 MARS Innovation and Venture Contest

· 2017  Complete Series-B financing, topped by world's top VC

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