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支持Ladies Who Tech的理由:





Follow your passion.

Dr. Liu co-founded VFinance in 2013 and has been helping provide Internet finance infrastructure solutions to corporate clients, including consulting, system implementation, and other integrated services. Before that, she was an Executive Director at UBS HK and Goldman Sachs HK, advising Chinese corporations on cross-border financing, risk management strategies, and marketing investment products to financial institutions.

Dr. Liu holds a Ph.D. degree in Statistics from Stanford University and a Bachelor's degree from the Special Class for the Gift Young, University of Science & Technology of China.

Why support Ladies Who Tech:

I believe technology will not just increase the efficiency in the financial industry, but can also make unbelievable changes when combined with different industries, which will impact the daily life for every one of us. This is so exciting and is the main reason for me to switch career path from investment banking to fintech.

As a woman entrepreneur in technology now, I hope my working and life experience can inspire more women to figure out their ways to achieve more career success.

My motto

Follow your passion.

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