Robin8区块链工作室(Robin8 Studio)是一个由Robin8发起的区块链项目国际中心。Robin8区块链工作室将和其他项目达成合作,对项目提供指导和支持,并对接资源,帮助项目成长走过不同发展阶段。Robin8正在建立的“画像管理生态系统(Profile Management EcoSystem)" 连同其他产品和服务将会帮助下一代优秀区块链项目成长发展。

Robin8 started out in late 2015 as China's first influencer search engine and marketplace. Now Robin8 is integrating its proprietary profiling, ranking, and matching technology that is powered by big data and AI with blockchain, to provide trust, transparency, and personalization in the social media experience. On the Robin8 platform, users will be rewarded with PUTs for creating their profile, inviting friends, viewing and sharing content. 

The R8 Blockchain Studio is an international hub of blockchain startups powered by Robin8. It will partner with projects to provide mentorship, resources and support throughout the different stages of development. Robin8 is creating a Profile Management EcoSystem along with additional products and services to support the next generation of quality blockchain startups.

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