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Sammy Wu 目前主要负责RELA职能部门系统性搭建及升级(人才运营,行政,法务,财务等),这之前她主要负责热拉品牌建设及推广,曾通过精准营销将热拉带入iOS社交榜前10,拥有超过5年以上多元女性社群服务经验;

2016年她代表热拉团队选入Google 全球创业者培训项目赴美国硅谷培训;2017年入选福布斯中国30 Under 30 精英榜。



科技的革新在快递迭代人类认知和生活方式,LWT顺应时代浪潮在鼓励越来越多的女性通过了解及不断学习运用科技“赋能”自己!很荣幸能在这个平台分享一些洞见, 科技不感性但可以让我们的大脑变得很性感!



Sammy is in charge of Rela's overall operation. From 2014 to 2017, she was the branding leader of Rela, putting Rela in the Top 10 of Social App. She has work experience promoting diversity community services for more than 5 years.

In 2016, she was invited to the Google Startups Training in Silicon. She was also awarded 2017 “Forbes 30 under 30 Asia, Enterprise Technology”.

Rela is an online networking platform for diversity and female to communicate and share stories, insights and knowledge, which started in 2014. Rela has more than 12 million users. It has received 4 rounds of funding and several rewards. Rela aims to create a female field brand in social, culture, entertainment, and lifestyle.

Why support Ladies Who Tech:

Technology innovation is changing the social cognition and daily life, LWT is encouraging more and more women to "empower" themselves by learning and using technology. It's my great honor to share some insights at this platform. Technology can make our brains sexy!



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