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支持Ladies Who Tech的理由:

作为一名技术女性,LWT对我所在的公司和我本人都非常重要,因为它提高了公众技术行业女性的认识,包容和女性的成长。我毫无疑问地追随并全力支持Ladies Who Tech。


What you do makes a difference and what difference you make is up to you. - Jane Goodall

Shawni loves to defy stereotypes and has been doing it for a long time! From her younger days as an international high school student in the U.S. to starting her career as a software engineer in the highly male dominated technology industry, she has in some way or another gone against the grain. Fast forward 20 years and she is a Partner at PricewaterhouseCoopers Information Technologies (Shanghai) Co., Ltd, A mother, a wife, and an advocate for increasing women in technology.

She has worked as an engineer, architect, and project manager before taking on her current role. Her strong technical background and hands on project management experience has allowed her to provide sound decision and guidance for her teams. Her unique working experience in the U.S. and China has given her an in-depth understanding of both cultures, which allows her to be more effective in bridging the gaps between offshore and onshore teams.

Why support Ladies Who Tech:

As a woman in technology, it is of great importance, not only to the company I work for but to me personally to support the awareness, inclusion, and growth of females in this industry.  It is only natural that I get behind and fully support the preeminent organization (Ladies Who Tech) driving these initiatives locally. 


What you do makes a difference and what difference you make is up to you. - Jane Goodall

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