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石姝玥女士是RayPlus联合创始人和产品总监。RayPlus是一个基于云计算和人工智能科技提供医学图像分析服务的云平台。2016年公司获得了德国拜耳集团“G4A”创新医疗项目的支持和Newgen Venture Partners的天使轮投资。2017成为年国内最大医学社区“丁香园(”在医学影像领域的战略合作伙伴。现已开发超过7家三甲教学医院。

她的研究经验包括:中国运载工具技术研究院支持的“基于JAVA平台环境的Web服务和数据中心重构”项目(数据解析和存储模块) ,以及中国科技部国际合作项目支持的“基于多模CT影像的肝脏手术规划系统”项目(多期配准和血管分割模块)等。


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Shirley Shi is co-founder and CPO of RayPlus, a SaaS platform for medical image analysis founded on cloud computation and artificial intelligence technology. RayPlus was selected by G4A Innovative Healthcare Projects, Bayer and received angel round funding from Newgen Venture Partners in 2016. In 2017, they started a long-term cooperation with DXY.CN and have now developed more than 7 teaching hospitals.

Her research experience included Data Parsing & Storage Module in“Web Service and Data Center Reconstruction Based on J2EE", supported by China Academy of Launch Vehicle Technology, and Multi-phase CT Image Registration & Liver Vessel Segmentation Module in “Multimodality CT Image Based Liver Surgery Planning System", supported by International Cooperation Project, Ministry of Science and Technology of China.

She received a Bachelor of Electronic Information Engineering degree in 2013 and a Masters of Biomedical Engineering in 2016 from Huazhong University of Science and Technology.

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In me the tiger sniffs the rose.

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