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2017年与她的两个中国合作伙伴一起创建了project EXPREAD,这是一个基础设施的解决方案,用于在全球范围内与普通订单交易和现金流管理。该项目已在支持各交易所运营,并获得VC初期融资以进一步开发该产品。



支持Ladies Who Tech的理由:



More women in tech ensure better accommodated solutions that service society as a whole.

Tamar Menteshashvili is a PhD candidate at Shanghai Jiao Tong University with main focus on Blockchain technology and Fintech industry. She started researching Distributed Technologies in 2014 and since has been an active member of the Blockchain and Crypto industry. She obtained the University of Edinburgh LLM degree in Banking Law and Finance and Free University of Tbilisi bachelor degree in Law. She has been advising number of governmental institutions, including the Ministry of Justice of Kazakhstan and the National Agency of Public Registry in Georgia, on implementation of Blockchain technology in public services (mainly business and property registration, notary services).

After moving to Asia, Tamar founded Blockchain Hub in Shanghai, which is bringing together students, scholars and practitioners in Blockchain and innovation sectors. She is a published author for a number of academic journals and international media platforms including Forbes, Ibtimes and Yahoo Finance. In 2018 she was named among 200 Thought Leaders in Crypto and Blockchain Industry.

In 2017 along with her 2 Chinese partners, Tamar founded project EXPREAD, which is an infrastructural solution for operating exchanges on a global scale with common order book and liquidity pool. The project is already supporting the exchanges in their operations and has received VC seed round funding for further development of the product.

Tamar is also very passionate about the education sector. With her colleagues from Georgia, Pakistan and Senegal, she founded organisation Global Education Union with an aim to support young generations in developing countries in receiving education.

She is a member of Global Shapers Community under the World Economic Forum and Asia Operations Manager at

Why support Ladies Who Tech:

Ladies who Tech initiative is driving the industry towards the strong culture of inclusion. This is a great platform for those women that are advancing the technology and broadening its adoption to share with the broader audience their experience and knowledge. Here inclusion is always promoted by seeking out as many talented and diverse presenters as possible.


More women in tech ensure better accommodated solutions that service society as a whole.

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