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康语是一家总部位于上海的健康保险技术公司,致力于为其用户特别是保险会员和雇员带来更好的医疗体验。 康语为保险公司和雇主提供与其评级/建议平台相结合的 SaaS(软件即服务)会员服务解决方案,以指导其用户和员工找到高质量和高性价比的医疗服务提供商。康语获得了由TechCrunch中国颁发的 “2017最佳外籍创业公司的称号,以及由The Digital Insurer授予的亚洲保险科技创业大奖赛第二名的荣誉。

The CareVoice is a health insurtech platform bringing better healthcare experience to its communities in China, especially insurance members and employees. It provides insurers with SaaS membership services solutions to improve customer engagement by granting insurees a VIP access to The CareVoice social independent healthcare platform. The platform empowers the insurees to make the best healthcare decisions considering their insurance policy; it helps them search for top-quality healthcare services, drives them towards the most cost-efficient medical centers and eases the usage of insurance benefits by digitalizing claims and benefits balance checking. The CareVoice won multiple awards such as Best Foreign Startup by TechNode / TechCrunch China, or Front Runner at The Digital Insurer’s Asian Startup Insurtech Award.

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