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Global Vice President of eBay

General Manager of ebay China Center of Excellence (CCOE)

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作为eBay全球副总裁、eBay中国研发中心(CCOE)总经理,Vivian Tian拥有卓越的领导力、非凡的影响力和独特的洞察力。

在她的引领下,eBay中国研发中心不断发展壮大,拥有约500名的专业技术人才,致力于大数据分析、大规模分布式计算、分布式数据库管理、云平台、搜索和数据科学方面专业知识和技术,为遍及全球的ebay用户及整个开源社区提供优质技术服务。中心成功孵化出Apache顶级开源项目——麒麟(Kylin),这是ebay历史上首个获得此殊荣的开源项目。麒麟(Kylin)连续两年被授予InfoWorld的Bossie大奖。此奖项授予业界最出类拔萃、最具影响的产品。 凭借对科技的敏锐嗅觉、独特判断力和超强领导力,田卫女士带领团队在人工智能和大数据领域深耕细作,硕果累累。目前,中心的大数据和人工智能团队约300人,重点项目覆盖ebay全球技术的核心层面。


支持Ladies Who Tech的理由:

职场上再没有关于‘男女平权’的话题,也就是当大家不再提及‘平等’二字,才是真正的男女平权。这也就意味着任何新的工作或新的机遇都只与能力有关,而非性别或者其他因素。支持Ladies Who Tech是我为实现这个目标的而做出的一点小小的贡献。



As a global vice president of eBay and general manager of eBay China Center of Excellence (CCOE), Vivian Tian has outstanding leadership, extraordinary influence and distinctive insight.


Under her leadership, eBay's CCOE has grown to a technology powerhouse with 500 professionals specialized in artificial intelligence, big data application and platform, distributed database management, and large-scale cloud computing. It serves eBay customers worldwide with high-quality and innovative technologies. CCOE also generously contributes its innovations to open source community. It successfully incubated Apache top open-source project Kirin (Kylin), which became the first award-winning open-source project in eBay history. Kirin (Kylin) won the industry’s most outstanding and influential product award – Bossie Award – for two consecutive years. With her sharp foresight, unique judgement and superior leadership, Vivian led CCOE to build deep technical expertise in the cutting-edge areas of artificial intelligence and big data. Today the Center has 300 people in those areas, working on eBay’s core technology projects.


Outside her work, Vivian loves and enjoys life. Vivian is a gourmet lover and an avid reader. It is also noteworthy that she is a professional bridge player and has won many bridge competitions at home and abroad.


Why support Ladies Who Tech:

Real equality between men and women cannot be realized until nobody regards ‘equality between men and women’ as an issue or concern to be addressed in the workplace. This means any job or career development opportunity is just a matter of competence but not genders or other factors. Supporting Ladies Who Tech is just part of what I contribute to achieve this magnificent objective which needs tremendous efforts of generations after generations of both men and women.



Never set boundaries for yourself and always drive for excellence!

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