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E-drive Corporation上海驿动汽车有限公司

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Wenjin is VP of E-drive Corporation, in charge of corporation operation and the establishment of working system. She focuses on the development of both new technology and new business model, and nearly 1,000 pure electric passenger vehicles have been successfully operated, and nearly 50 customized and shared bus routes have been opened to serve nearly 2 million passengers. Before that, she joined Shanghai International Automobile City (Group) Co., Ltd. in 2012 mainly for the business model exploration of new energy vehicles. We should carry out the development strategy of the national new energy vehicle and explore the responsibilities of practicing the new energy automobile business model. She had completed the project establishment and operation of electric vehicle sharing service and electric passenger vehicles.

Why support Ladies Who Tech:

Thanks to the education and regulation, gender discrimination in the workplace is dwindling, but the implicit discrimination is still alive, particularly in the technology industry. I hope LWT will bring more support and encouragement to Chinese STEM females.



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