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Yongqin Zeng

Senior Director, Innovation Lead

Philips HealthWorks

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曾博士于2000年加入飞利浦中国研究院。在学术界和工业界从事教学和科研12年之后,她于2005年-2017年从事创新研究管理工作,擅长于带领团队准确地挖掘痛点并通过跨学科跨组织的创新解决问题。其间她曾带领过三个工业领域的研究部门:无线通信,LED照明系统及服务以及医疗影像及医疗信息系统团队,取得的成绩得到同行的广泛认可和赞扬。通过参与和领导在不同业界的创新,积累了丰富的创新经验,包括创新理念,战略,流程和实施。她亲自参与和驱动了几个公司内部的创业项目,促成了两个新的业务部门的成立;她同时是开放创新的坚定支持者和践行者,参与和引领了数十个与大学,医院以及工业界的各种类型的合作项目。 曾博士曾于2014-2015年利用业余时间与中欧商学院的创新及战略教授George Yip和Bruce McKern合作研究了跨国公司在中国的开放创新,撰写了开放创新一章,对各种开放创新的方法进行了研究比较,从中发现规律,问题及提出建议,并发表在于2016年5月由MIT 出版社出版的“Innovation in China”一书中。



支持LWT的理由: 技术革新为人类幸福生活带来了至关重要的影响,它有效地存在在创新链中。女性专业人士拥有从始至终坚持创新的能力。

格言: Innovation never stops!

Dr. Yongqin Zeng, Senior Director, Innovation Lead, Philips HealthWorks

She joint Philips Research China in 2000. After doing research in academe and industry herself for 12 years, she was doing innovation management from 2005 – 2017. She is experienced in leading team to identify the unmet needs of customers and innovate solutions with cross-organization teams. She led 3 Philips Research departments in various industries: Wireless communication, LED lighting systems & services and Healthcare equipment & medical informatics, with widely recognized achievement. She built up rich experience on innovation, including new innovation mindset, strategy, process and practices, while driving innovation cross industries. She drove several venturing projects that led to two new business unit creation. She is passionate on Open innovation, led over 10 collaboration projects with academia, hospitals and other partners. She wrote a chapter on MNC "Open Innovation" in China together with Prof. George Yip & Prof. Bruce McKern, which was published in the book of“Innovation in China”published by MIT in May 2016.

Since July 2017, Dr. Zeng joint Philips HealthWorks, the Philips Healthtech accelerator to accelerate the innovation for both internal mission critical innovation projects and the selected startups.

She took a faculty position in Chongqing University after she received her BSc and MSc from Chongqing University. She was awarded the Sino-British Friendship Scholarship Scheme (SBFSS) to pursue her PhD in Imperial College, the UK in 1994. Her research interests were on Electronic, imaging and signal processing. She worked in a start-up company for two years prior to joining Philips.

Why support LWT: Technical Innovation makes critical impact to improve people's life, when it is effectively embedded in the innovation chain. Female professionals have advantage in making end-to-end innovation happen!

Motto: Innovation never stops!

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