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24-March's Online Workshop Speedy 30 Recap

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如何疏导情绪向更好的方向发展?Ladies Who Tech的常驻培训师及首席教练Ana Ramos 本周二分享“思维模式与现实中的危机管理-如何处理负面情绪”的方法。我们来快速的回顾下本次讲座的重点。

How to ultimately turn around negative situations for the better?  Ladies Who Tech's Resident Lead Facilitator and Executive Coach, Ana Ramos, shared her thoughts on "Mindset & Our Actual Crisis Management - Dealing with Negative Emotions". Here are a quick recap and key takeaways from Tuesday's Speedy 30 webinar.

1.   情绪是无可避免的(关键是接纳情绪)

Emotions are Unavoidable (Embracing is key!)
·      我现在感觉怎么样?
·      我该在哪里放置这种感觉?
·      我怎样来描述我的情绪?
Questions to consider:
·      What am I feeling?
·      Where in me can I localize this sensation?
·      What words could I use to describe it?

2.   情绪是信息,没有指向性(请勿杀鸡取卵)

Emotions are Data no Direction (don't kill the messenger but get the message)

·      目前的情绪想表达什么?
·      我如何利用这个信息?
Questions to consider:
·      What is this trying to say to me?
·      How can I leverage this information?

3.   找到你自己的情绪根源 Find your Why
·      找到你的最佳状态 Peak Performance
·      找到内心的宁静  Peace of Mind

4.   心理韧性 (控制最佳状态)Mental Resilience (for Mastering Peak Performance)
·       我接纳它是什么感觉?
·       我怎么能保持不变呢?
·       我该怎么做可以完全消化这种情绪?
Questions to consider:
When encountering a new discomforting situation, what is my first reaction?
·      How does it feel to embrace it?
·      How can I stay still?
·      How could I possibly take it all in?

5.   冥想 (获取心灵的平静)Meditation (for peace of mind)
·      我在炒作什么?
·      这真的有用吗?
·      这种感觉是怎么样的?
·      我该如何开始?
·      我如何知道自己做的很好?
Questions you always wanted to ask:
·      What's the hype about it?
·      Is it really helpful?
·      How does it feel?
·      How could I possibly start?
·      How do I know I am doing it well?

6.   自我关怀 (也表现为安全心理的范围,情绪高峰和心灵的平静)

7.   千万别陷入完美主义的陷阱

8.   多多练习感恩和正念降压法

9. 写在最后:情商的提高,需要自我发现,多加训练并保持不断学习。

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