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Chang Dong

EcoPakcer Inc. 首席技术官


CTO, EcoPackers

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Chang Dong是加拿大环保技术初创公司EcoPakcer Inc.的首席技术官。Chang Dong来自中国,拥有北京科技大学材料科学学士学位和多伦多大学的化学工程硕士学位。在多伦多完成学业期间,她加入了EcoPackers,提出了基于科学的创新塑料污染解决方案。毕业后,她作为联合创始人全职加入EcoPackers,并一直致力于将农业副产品转化为可替代传统塑料的全降解塑料原材料。自2019年从共同创立EcoPackers以来,该公司已扩展到中国,在深圳建立分公司,筹集了超过七百万美元的启动资金,并在全球范围内开展生产试点。Chang认为科学研究应该服务于社会和大自然,利用科技的力量为社会创造更大的价值促使她继续每天建造EcoPackers。

Chang Dong is the Chief Technology Officer of Canadian green technology start-up EcoPackers Inc. Originally from China, Chang holds a Material Science degree from the University of Science & Technology Beijing, and a Masters in Chemical Engineering degree from the University of Toronto. During her time completing her education in Toronto, she joined the EcoPackers to come up with science based solutions to plastic pollution. After graduating, she joined EcoPackers full-time as a co-founder and has been working towards transforming agricultural by-products into 100% compostable alternatives to traditional plastic inputs. Since co-founding EcoPackers, the company has expanded into China, setup subsidy based in Shenzhen, raised over 7 million dollars, and launched manufacturing pilots worldwide. Chang's passion for purposeful science ventures, is what drives her to continue building EcoPackers everyday.

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