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杜可 Coco Du

谷银国际投资基金管理(北京)有限公司 合伙人

ACMF 中国区高级合伙人


Partner of Guyin International Investment Fund Management Beijing Co., Ltd

Senior partner of ACMF China

· investors 2021

杜可(Coco du)女士毕业于天津工业大学计算机信息管理专业。目前主要关注方向是围绕碳中和的落地实现以及推动绿色、可持续发展的相关项目;致力于ESG在一级市场的应用与实践;帮助创业者解决创业过程中的一系列问题,例如股权设计方案规划以及后续融资等。过往参与项目有中驰车福、海量大数据重度孵化器、丰惠肥业、毕加索、深兰科技、博奥晶典等。 

Coco Du graduated from Tianjin Polytechnic University majoring in Computer Information Management. Currently, the main focus is on the implementation of carbon neutrality and related projects to promote sustainable development; Devoted to the application and practice of ESG in the primary market; Help entrepreneurs to solve a series of problems in the process of starting a business, such as equity design plan and subsequent financing, etc. In the past, she participated in projects such as Che Fu, Hi-volume Big Data Heavy Incubator, Fenghui Fertifier, Picasso, DeepBlue Technology, Boao Jingtian, etc.

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