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David Wong



Greater China Sales Leader, Philips China

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David Wong是在飞利浦(中国)影像引导治疗部门的Volcano产品大中华区的销售总监。飞利浦(中国)投资有限公司是一家跨国医疗科技公司。

David 在医疗行业有十五年的经验,最初在美国药典做化学家 (美国马里兰州),后来转为到Volcano公司(美国加州)的产品经理职位。Volcano公司的医疗器械产品帮医生诊断和治血管病。在2012年David开始负责亚太区业务。在2014年底,火山公司被飞利浦收购了,所以他2018年后一直致力于发展大中华区的业务。David拥有环境化学学士学位,生物技术硕士学位和工商管理硕士学位。

David Wong is currently the Greater China Sales Leader for the Image Guided Therapy Department's Volcano product line at Philips China, a multinational healthcare company.

David has over 15 years of experience in the healthcare industry, starting initially as a chemist for the United States Pharmacopeia in Maryland before moving to a marketing role at Volcano Corporation, a medical device company in California which developed products to diagnose and treat vascular disease. He relocated to Shanghai for business school and in 2012 returned to Volcano to manage the Asia Pacific region. After Volcano was acquired by Philips at the end of 2014, he has been focusing his efforts on developing the business in Greater China. David has a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Chemistry and a Master of Science in Biotechnology as well as an MBA degree.