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庄十一 Eleven Zhuang



Co-Founder & President, Huo Quan Quan

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中国人民大学心理学硕士、香港理工大学酒店&旅游管理硕士、华东政法大学法学学士,中国第一位酒店试睡员,去哪儿网早期员工,曾任去呼呼副总经理。2016 年作为联合创始人参与创建快消品大数据平台——货圈全,致力于通过数据提升零售业效率。

庄十一是一名连续跨界创业者,从经营在线旅游体验、到普及智能硬件到创立快消大数据平台。新技术浪潮下,互联网从流量到数据,如何用科技的手段影响社会日常生活是她投身创业的初衷。在企业服务互联网创业公司的文化环境下,庄十一是行业内为数不多的女性创业者。她在科技行业的经历始于去哪儿,从品牌营销、市场推广,由 0 到 1 建立非标住宿概念定义推广行业标准,成为民宿智能硬件市场领导品牌。

新零售概念发端之前,庄十一扎入具有 10 万亿规模的快消行业。2016 年成立货圈全快消品大数据平台,为了解决快消品行业持续已久的数据不透明现状。她带领团队经过 4 年的努力,平台已累积了 30 万传统小店用户,1 万+批发部在使用产品。目前公司团队分布北京、天津、上海及深圳。今年年初她希望将历史积累的数据转化生产力,成立了独立团队“答案-快消智库”,希望和快消行业的伙伴一起寻找快消品增长的答案。

Eleven holds a Master of Psychology from Renmin University of China, a Master of Hospitality and Tourism Management from The Hong Kong Polytechnic University and a Bachelor of Law from East China University of Political Science and Law. She is the very first hotel connoisseur in China, who worked for Qunar as an early employee and Qu Hu Hu as the General Manager. In 2016 Eleven joined the cause of creating the FMCG big data platform – Huo Quan Quan as co-founder, and dedicated to use data to improve efficiency in retail industry.

Eleven is a crossover serial entrepreneur. From online tourism experience to smart hardware promotion and FMCG big data plat form creation, she never stops. With the wave of new technology, internet traffic explodes with data. Using technology to place positive impact on people's daily life became her original intention of starting up her own business. Within the rising domain of online enterprises service companies, Eleven is among of the very few female entrepreneurs. She started her tech-journey in Qunar, working on brand marketing, market promotion and the set-up of the concept as well as the rules of non-standard accommodation from zero to one. With that, she successfully built Qunar into a leading brand in the homestay smart hardware market.

Before New Retail concept emerged, Eleven pledged herself into the ten-trillion-scale FMCG industry. In 2016, she established Huo Quan Quan, the FMCG big data platform, to break the long-time status quo of opaque data in the FMCG industry. With her and her team's hard work in the past four years, the platform has obtained 300,000 traditional small-shop users and 10,000 plus distributor users. Currently the company has set foot in Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai and Shenzhen. Since 2020, Eleven started to work on transforming the accumulated data into productivity. She assembled an independent team called "Answers – FMCG Think Tank", with which she hopes to find the answers to the development of FMCG with everyone in the industry.

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