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Emma Hallstrom



Local People & Culture Business Partner, Digital Hub, IKEA China

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艾玛出生于挪威奥斯陆,2012 年来到中国,在中国最著名的戏剧学校之一上海戏剧学院学习。在上海,她参与创立了一家挪威-中国贸易咨询公司。多年来,她帮助多家北欧公司了解在中国开展业务的复杂性,以及如何加强北欧和中国员工之间的沟通。不久之前,她加入宜家中国数字创新中心,成为人力资源业务合作伙伴之一并协助宜家中国数字化转型。凭借她创造性的和务实的工作态度,艾玛始终把握文化挑战将其转化为机遇,寻求企业内部的相互理解性和新的合作方式。

Emma was born in Oslo, Norway and moved to China for the first time in 2012 to study at one of China's most famous theatre schools, Shanghai Theatre Academy. She has co-founded a Norwegian-Chinese trading and consulting company based in Shanghai. Over the years she has helped several Nordic corporations to understand the complexity of doing business in China, and how to strengthen communication between Nordic and Chinese employees. Recently she joined IKEA China Digital Hub as People & Culture Business Partner supporting the digital transformation in China. With her creative and pragmatic approach, Emma's passion is to turn cultural challenges into opportunities by always striving to seek new ways of corporation and mutual understanding.

支持Ladies who tech的理由:
受到女性同事的启发之后,我意识到了支持 STEM 行业中平等的重要性。这个组织围绕着STEM平等采取各项行动,我很自豪能以各种方式为此提供支持。

Why support Ladies who tech:
Being inspired by my female coworkers I realized that that there has never been more important to support equality in STEM industries. This community is all about taking actions, and I'm proud to support in every possible way.


Motto: Don't be afraid of people not liking you. Be afraid of people liking you for the wrong reasons.

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