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Hi-Tech and Fashion Coming to Our Everyday Lives


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Fashion Innovation

At this stage, we cannot imagine that there is an industry that can fully thrive in the absence of technology, and innovation, the fashion industry is no exception. The simple act of being able to order clothing items online is something we take for granted as Asian citizens with access to a digital world of shopping malls at the click of a button. Even at design level, technology has been threaded into what garments look like, how they function and how they can better enhance the consumer's comfort, fashion sense, and overall experience.


Tech-FOMO 是真实存在的,作为Ladies Who Tech,我们更喜欢创造FOMO。如果你错过了 “FashionEX在行动 ”,你还可以期待另一场!

Catwalk with a Difference

Tech-FOMO is a real thing and as Ladies Who Tech, we prefer to create the FOMO, which if you missed the "in Action FashionEX" event, you are likely to still be looking forward to another!


Thanks to the PwC Innovation Centre we were afforded the perfect venue to host a fun and inspiring night, gazing our eyes on simple but tech-created wear, modeled by our gorgeous role models, who simply availed their time for this event for the love of high-end cutting edge fashion.


The runway showcased and explored the value of merging fashion and technology – we witnessed first hand how AI plays a part in the design process, white shirts that don’t stain, clothes that repels mosquitoes, breathable garments and more mind-blowing tech-trends that are infiltrating the fashion scene.


我们的演讲者:尖端品牌 FOOXMET的联合创始人及高级产品经理Prela Zhu,以及潮流引领品牌TheLook的创始人和首席执行官Ting Li,通过结合她们在时装领域的经验以及她们是如何使用技术来提升产品给了我们极大启发。她们谈到了高科技是如何被应用于布料创新的(温度控制、免污渍、反光布料等) 以及如何使用AI 时尚app进行虚拟造型,这个app能为你的日常造型和时尚需求做各种虚拟个性化设计。

Hi-Tech Fashion Pioneers

Our speakers Prela Zhu - Co-founder and Senior Product Manager of cutting-edge brand FOOXMET, and Ting Li – Founder and CEO at trend-setting brand TheLook inspired us with their combined experience in the fashion industry and how they have used technology to advance their product offering. They spoke on how high tech is used in fabric innovation (temperature control, stainless, reflective fabric, etc.) and virtual styling using an AI fashion app which serves as a virtual personal stylist for your day to day looks and fashion needs.



Fashion Forward

This was by far amongst the most fashion-forward catwalks to hit Shanghai, where innovation and technology have set the bar really high to move the fashion industry forward.


Feiyue / Culture Matters / Faguo


Special Thanks

Feiyue / Culture Matters / Faguo

For making sure our models could catwalk in style.

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