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Jean Zhang



VP, MFund

· Investors


加入魔量之前,Jean有数年的互联网行业从业经验,曾供职过爱奇艺,网易等互联网科技公司,负责广告部门数字营销以及团队管理工作 ,服务日化快消行业本土及国际客户。



Stage focus: Seed, Angel, Pre-A, A

Areas of focus: Consumer Tech, Robot, AI, BigData

Jean is the VP of MFund, a venture capital fund with a diverse set of investors and global visions.They are committed to identifying and supporting early stage startups led by inspirational entrepreneurs with a mission to make an impact on the world.

Before join MFund, Jean has many years of experience in Internet industry, including IQIYI and NetEase. She was responsible for its digital marketing business and cooperated with customers both at home and abroad.

支持Ladies Who Tech的理由:


Ladies Who Tech鼓励女性追逐梦想,积极向上,成就自我。

Why support Ladies Who Tech:

Never forget that we are living in a multicultural society, tech is open to all humanity regardless of race, age, or gender. An ideal enterprise contains both perceptual beauty and rational beauty. Diversity may be our best chance for the future: for creativity, innovation, and inclusion.

Ladies Who Tech inspires women to dream more, learn more, do more, and become more.

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