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郭俊鑫 Jimmy Kuo

电通安吉斯中国媒体业务线首席客户官 & 伟视捷中国首席执行官


Chief Client Officer of Dentsu Media & CEO, Vizeum China​

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郭俊鑫(Jimmy Kuo)在媒介传播领域拥有超过18年的经验,分别在中国台北、北京和上海等地服务过多个行业的国际及本土客户。

郭俊鑫兼任电通安吉斯中国媒体业务线首席客户官和伟视捷(Vizeum)中国首席执行官。 他领导跨电通安吉斯网络的合作,为客户提供世界一流的,整合的,具有价格竞争力的服务,以开发未来的增长机会。


Jimmy Kuo has over 18 years of experience in media communications, working with global and China key clients in multiple vertical categories across Taipei, Beijing and Shanghai.

Kuo takes a dual role as Chief Client Officer for Dentsu Media and CEO for Vizeum China. Kuo leads on working collaboratively across DAN network to deliver world-class, integrated and price-competitive services to clients for developing future growth opportunities.

A proven business leader, Kuo has been with Dentsu Aegis Network China since 2013 with a focus on international and key China clients. His strategic approach has seen the transformation of investment models, delivering diversified and integrated services for many key accounts, including Nestle, Coca-Cola, Shiseido, Jaguar Land Rover, Pernod Ricard and Microsoft etc.

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