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Ladies Who Tech见证女性的创业魅力

Beijing Founders Series: Product Quality - Witness the Charm of Women Entrepreneurs

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619日,Ladies who Tech请来两位女性创始人,在北京最中心地段王府井的WeWork,与大家分享了自己创业背后的故事和探讨产品质量相关的问题。

Following a successful launch of the Ladies Who Tech Beijing Chapter Founders Series earlier this year, Ladies Who Tech collaborated once again with WeWork and invited two founders to share their stories of starting a company and discuss the issues related to product quality.


The mission of Founders Series is to create an exclusive tech-hub where connections between female tech founders, tech-freelancers, potential co-founders, talent, and potential clients can cross-pollinate in a meaningful way to achieve their tech-biz objectives.  At every event, we have entrepreneurs share their startup journey, followed by startups pitching their projects to look for women co-founders to join them.  The evening ends with a speed-mentoring session before the wrap-up with a networking reception.


The first speaker of the evening was Yang Miao, Founder and CEO of Block Globe.  Before founding her startup, she was a financial journalist.  After gaining experience from CCTV, Tencent Finance, and Sohu Finance, she came out to create her own company. 


Yang said she has learned a lot from building her team from the groud up, finding content, developing resources, marketing, and expanding globally.  Now her job is to provide brand strategy consulting for Blockchain and traditional companies who seek transformation.  She assists them to locate breakthrough points and achieve more effective brand communication. 


Aside from focusing on Blockchain, Yang is also thinking about her female identity.  She hopes to set up a global female Blockchain community and unite with women leaders to promote a wider network for global Blockchain resources.


Founder of Beijing Changyou Underwater Science and Technology, Du Cailin, has since 2016, devoted herself to the design, construction, and product promotion of Sino-Russian sightseeing submarines.  She is committed to the creation of the entire industry chain of the water tourism company. 


At the event, she shared the main achievements of her company, such as the floating artificial islands - Ocean Heart project.  The experience of studying in Russia allowed her to have the advantage of technical communication.  Through many efforts, she has established her own "marine empire."

本次活动,还邀请了艺术家,Chi项目创始人和anySCALE营销经理Olasyuk Alena 3F Learning 工作室创始人李幸呈,为大家解答创业过程中的问题。

Ladies Who Tech also invited Olasyuk Alena, Artist, Founder of CHI Project, and Marketing Manager at anySCALE, and the founder of 3F Learning Studio, Li Xingcheng, for a Q&A session about starting a company.

无论您在技术创业者的旅程中处于什么阶段,无论您是一位经验丰富并拥有众多知识可以分享的创业者、投资者或讲师,还是正在寻求更多信息来支持您自己创业之旅的有志之士,Ladies Who Tech团队携手WeWork为个人搭建桥梁,并希望将来无论您在创业历程中的哪个阶段,我们都能继续提供支持。

No matter whether on the start on your technopreneurial journey or whether you are a seasoned entrepreneur with a wealth of knowledge to share, an investor or someone looking for more information to support your own startup journey, Ladies Who Tech and WeWork are able to bridge and connect individuals and will be looking to support the community no matter where you are on your startup story. 

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