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Ladies Who Tech 大会工作坊 01

Convention WORKSHOP 01

· Workshop


WeChat Mini Program Development Masterclass

For branding and business, mini-programs present a huge opportunity to target a captive audience that has historically favored built-in WeChat services over external ones.


  • 增加公司的成功几率的操作
  • 考量微信小程序的可行之处
  • 了解微信小程序技术层面的框架
  • 关于WXML/EXSS的基础知识
  • 获得丰富的操作技巧

Workshop Agenda:

  • Best practices to increase your odds of success
  • What you can and can't do! Understand the scope
  • Technically... how does it work?
  • WeChat Integrated Development Environment
  • WXML / WXSS basic concepts
  • Best resources available out there!


  • 创建小程序时候的注意事项和问题
  • 微信小程序的运作方式
  • 设计你自己的微信小程序

Learning Outcomes:

  • Do's and don'ts of creating a mini program
  • How they work
  • Build your own (simple) WeChat mini program with code (beginners friendly)


  • 不需要编程基础即可参加。
  • 请自带笔记本电脑!
  • 最好提前下载并安装微信开发环境(IDE):
  • 选择稳定版再选择Windows 64或Mac。

Requirements for the workshop:

  • This workshop does not require prior coding experience.
  • Please bring your own Mac or PC!
  • Download and install the Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for WeChat:
  • Select "Stable build" and choose Windows 64 or Mac.

详情请关注微信公众号:Ladieswhotech。More information on Wechat.

名额有限,请尽快购票。Seats are limited, so sign up now!

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