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Ladies Who Tech 大会工作坊03

Convention WORKSHOP 03

· Workshop

数据科学Python 101: 初学者工作坊
Python for Data Science 101: Workshop for Total Beginners


You will learn the basics of Python, including what you can do with Python, data types, input & output and loops "Thinking" in Python. You will also learn why Python is so popular and great for beginners if you're considering the field of data science.


  • 了解Python的基础概念
  • 体验作为数据分析师的工作流程
  • 学习如果在一个技术团队中互相合作

Workshop Agenda:

  • Grasp the concepts of Python
  • Experience working as a data analyst
  • Experience how to work efficiently in a tech team or in the tech field


  • 不需要编程基础即可参加。
  • 请自带笔记本电脑!

Requirements for the workshop:

  • This workshop does not require prior coding experience.
  • Please bring your own Mac or PC!

详情请关注微信公众号:Ladieswhotech。More information on Wechat.

名额有限,请尽快购票。Seats are limited, so sign up now!

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