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Ladies Who Tech 2020年度大会


答案 Da'An

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“答案”基于货圈全 4 年+的行业数据积累,通过将快消品商品数据、渠道表现数据、业务数据等大数据,结合用户行为数据、调研的“小数据”,协助客户更全面地了解自身产品及品类在传统渠道和新兴渠道发生的变化,尽可能还原渠道现状,打开“渠道黑箱”。同时“答案”也希望借助自身的数据能力及技术能力,协助客户共同推动“渠道下沉”、“渠道精耕”、“服务终端”等战略的落地。


"Da'An" is a technology company dedicated to assist FMCG brands in finding optimal channels of distribution and plans using data. It is the think tank under FMCG data platform "Huo Quan Quan".

Based upon 4 years of industry data accumulation from Huo Quan Quan, "Da'An" combines big data in FMCG products, distribution channel business performance and so forth with 'smaller data' such as customer behavior and research. In doing so, they help clients acquire a more comprehensive understanding of their own products as well as the changes undergoing in both traditional and rising channels of distribution, restoring the actualities in the channels and providing clarity. Meanwhile, with its expertise in data and technology, "Da'An" also wishes to support clients in faciliating the realization of business strategies such as distribution channel extension, quantified management of retail terminal, and installation of service terminals.

Currently, "Da'An" has worked with many international FMCG brands, including Coca-Cola and Nestle.

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