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Ladies Who Tech大会再次成功举办 Another Successful Convention!

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2019年科技女性大会于5月11日举行,以”She Builds, She Creates”为主题进行了为期一天的活动,致敬STEM(科学、技术、工程和数学)行业的女性和她们的母亲。Ladies Who Tech的组织者们在新天地安达仕酒店策划了一整天丰富的活动,包括主题演讲、工作坊、科技互动体验区、创始人系列、炉边谈话和专题研讨会。我们还准备了鸡尾酒会,在这里所有参与者都可以畅快交流、建立社交关系,在轻歌曼舞中轻松愉快地结束一天的活动。大会号召女士和男士联合起来,共同努力提高对女性群体对STEM领域的认识。

The Ladies Who Tech 2019 Convention dedicated 11-May to our moms and all women in STEM. With the theme of “She Builds. She Creates.", Ladies Who Tech organizers led a full day of keynote speeches, workshops, interactive tech booths, start-ups, fireside chats, and panel discussions at Andaz Xintiandi, Shanghai; the Convention ended with a cocktail session where participants mingled, networked, and danced. The Convention welcomed both women and men to join forces and work together to raise awareness of women in STEM.


In an extraordinary Mother's Day panel, attendees heard inspiring stories from Moms Who Tech; the other panels discussed the ramifications of the 2018 Global Gender Gap Report and corporate initiatives to increase the number of women in different departments.


The 2019 Convention keynote speakers are specialists in the areas of automotive, robotics, Healthtech, semiconductor, e-commerce, and Fintech; their life stories and work left attendees breathless. The panelists came from universities, the United Nations, venture capitalists, startups, international companies, and new retail.


Workshops enabled participants to learn first-hand how to make a video game, use Geospatial technology, design a WeChat mini-program, and use UX. Start-ups not only gave participants user-based experiences but also companies came to recruit women. Companies and start-ups showcased their most cutting-edge products, including AI, and robotics products. With many different performers and the hippest DJ, the 2019 Convention was one for the books.

大会更多精彩内容请扫码了解。For more information, please scan the QR code.

在此Ladies Who Tech衷心感谢2019年度大会的赞助商:澳大利亚全球校友会组织、澳大利亚政府、WeWork中国的科技团队、拜耳、eBay和宜家。

Ladies Who Tech Convention is made possible by sponsors: Australia Global Alumni, Australian Government, WeWork Technology, Bayer, eBay, and IKEA. 

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